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We Made Something Nice

Posters & Prints

When lockdowns hit, Darina, who had a career as a photographer, felt the need to find a new creative outlet.

“I needed something I could do on my own from home, and then the concept We Made Something Nice was born! Since then, it’s been a bit of a crazy journey!”

Darina’s retro-themed artwork is inspired by her love for cooking and beautiful color palettes.

“My creative process is really smooth and relaxing. I drink coffee with the TV in the background and can keep drawing for hours.”

We Made Something Nice prints

Darina is a freelance graphic designer and illustrator working in both The Netherlands and the UK. She is originally a photographer and has experience in filmmaking, but now she's spreading her creativity with beautifully designed graphic prints.

She works with risograph brushes to layer colours over each other to give the artworks an interesting vintage retro-inspired feeling. She finds inspiration in 50's records and films, so be prepared to get a strong feeling of nostalgia with these prints.

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