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Sophia Novosel

Posters & Prints

Novosel started creating art as soon as she could hold a pen, but it wasn’t until she moved from to Berlin that she started to publish her art. Her work is inspired by women’s stories and struggles, and she creates using mostly acrylic, watercolor, and dispersion paint.

Art by Sophia Novosel

Sophia Novosel's path to becoming an artist was evident from an early age, her schoolbooks were filled with sketches. In 2019, her artistic journey took a leap when she moved from Vienna to Berlin, allowing her art to shine. Describing her work as bright, and modern, with a touch of mysticism about womanhood. Her art draws inspiration from her own womanhood and the incredible women around her. Sophia Novosel's art is a celebration of life and the power of expression. Explore her creations to infuse your world with color, mystique, and a touch of modernity.