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Laurie Maun

Posters & Prints

Laurie Maun is an Artist and Textile Designer based in the UK. Although Laurie’s core study is textiles, she is a multidisciplinary artist, exploring the relationship between texture, colour and shapes. She creates art mostly in an abstract form but also occasionally in an observational, figurative matter.

Laurie Maun posters

Get ready to be inspired by Laurie Maun, an extraordinary artist and textile designer based in the UK. In her creative work, she explores texture, color, and shape which she meticulously blends into beautiful art pieces. The simple, yet interesting art pieces fit nicely into both contemporary and traditional homes. Working with both textiles and traditional art, she pushes the boundaries and lets herself be inspired by her multidisciplinary expertise. Each piece tells a story, but it’s also up to your imagination. The motifs are mostly abstract and leave room for your interpretation. In addition to abstract art, she also explores her ability to capture the observed world and her art takes on a figurative form. This truly shows her versatility as an artist. Explore her collection here and enjoy her use of colour and shapes. Let yourself be inspired!