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Katharina Puritscher

Posters & Prints

As an artist, Katharina Puritscher is fascinated by the different mediums and likes combining acrylic paint, watercolours, gouache, ink and crayons. After pursuing a career in Business administration, she craved a creative outlet and started sharing her art on social media. Now her art, inspired by flowers, nature and architecture, is sold worldwide.

“I like to romanticize daily life and exaggerate a little, which translates into my paintings. It’s liberating to focus on the little things such as a nice bouquet, a beautiful view from a window, or quality time with some coffee, a croissant and a good book,” she says.

Katharina Puritscher posters

Katharina Puritscher is an artist, illustrator & designer based in Munich, Germany. Her interest in colors and painting started at an early age. Katharina mainly works with acrylics and sometimes with mixed watercolors, various crayons, and pastels. Now her art, inspired by flowers, nature, and architecture, is sold worldwide. Katharina Puritscher is one of our talented Featured Artists at Desenio. Here you will find colorful posters of flowers and architecture.