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Kate Birch

Posters & Prints

A divorce after 23 years of marriage led Kate to pursue her "painting a day" series as a way to support herself. After posting her artwork on Instagram, her following started growing and she began selling her paintings all over the world.

Kate's paintings are predominantly still life and landscape, transforming seemingly commonplace objects into works of art in their own right.

"Over the past few years of sharing my daily works on social media, I've grown to realize how significant these objects can be to people. These small objects often hold the stories that make up our lives and connect us to one another and our pasts."

Kate Birch prints

Kate Birch, based in Utah, grew up loving art and being creative. Thanks to a college professor that encouraged her to major in painting and drawing, she started working towards pursuing art as a career. Luckily for us, her work has spread worldwide thanks to social media, and she has also been featured in several films, TV shows, and in major stores in the US.

Her favorite art medium is gouache, and she paints primarily still life and landscapes. She finds inspiration pretty much everywhere and therefore she usually paints everyday objects like a piece of fruit, a piece of candy, or a shadow cast. Her paintings are mostly small since she likes when they're fast and when she's not getting hung up on mistakes. She simply paints and moves on! What's also unique about Kate is that she paints a new painting every day which she shares with her followers on social media. Get inspired and explore her print collection at Desenio!