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Julia Hallström Hjort

Posters & Prints

Julia was studying medicine and psychology, but suffering with chronic pain meant that she turned to her artwork instead, which played a big role in her rehabilitation.

She works to create art that conveys a sense of calm and peace, often using neutral or muted colours. Starting with a handmade picture, she then edits the artwork digitally to produce a finished result.

As a lover of nordic nature, Julia often gets inspiration from being out on walks, often finding the urge to make art after seeing a certain shape or colour combination.

Illustration prints by Julia Hallström Hjort

Julia Hallström Hjort is an artist, illustrator, and movie creator from Sweden. She has always enjoyed drawing and painting and can't really decide on a certain art type, preferring to try different techniques, materials, and motifs. From abstract acrylic paintings to realistic oil paintings and portraits in pencil and watercolor. For Julia, art can be powerful and emotionally charged with a deeper meaning, but it can also exist simply as something beautiful that gives joy, color, and feeling to the viewer and the room. Explore her art in this collection!