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Caroline Lundqvist

Posters & Prints

Explore our handpicked collection of watercolour paintings by Caroline Lundqvist - a Swedish artist who depicts oysters. Her free spirit and artistic mind creates beautiful watercolor paintings which can be interpreted by each and every one who lay eyes on them. Her eye for detail and colors makes each oyster watercolor painting unique!

Hand painted watercolor painting posters by Caroline Lundqvist

With her creative mind and artistic soul, Caroline Lundqvist is the Swedish artist who manages to capture the beauty of something so unique as oysters. She has a way of noticing beauty in the little, every-day things. Her artsy spirit shines through her artwork, and her beautiful watercolor paintings truly are one of a kind.

"Ten years ago, I was completely taken by the beauty and fragility of Oysters, which led me to start depicting them in watercolor." - Caroline Lundqvist 

Fascinated by the contrast, Caroline decided to start painting oysters in watercolor. Playing with a soft color palette mixed with contrasting colors she manages to create unique painting each time. Her vision being that oysters are much like people - a hard shell that's difficult to come by, hiding a soft and vulnerable inside.

“In some ways I think they are much like us. Within a hard ‘shell’ we sometimes hide our ‘inner child’, our sensual being and our most vulnerable parts.” - Caroline Lundqvist 

We’re very proud to offer Caroline’s designs, and whether you’re a true minimalist at heart or an expressive art soul, we’re sure you’ll be able to find a new favorite amongst these beautiful paintings.