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Desenio offers a selection of elegant trays in different sizes, round and rectangular shapes. We produce our trays in FSC®-certified birch veneer in Nybro southeast Sweden. Available in different designs and styles designed by our Desenio Design Studio. Find our favorite print features now on our trays or explore new designs to love. There is a tray for every occasion, whether you are serving drinks at a party or serving a weekend breakfast in bed.

Decorative trays


We produce our trays in Nybro, a small town in southeast Sweden. We make them with FSC®-certified birch veneer; each tray contains between five to eight layers of veneer, depending on size. The design is printed with a high-quality printer and is protected by a laminated melamine-based surface making it heat-resistant up to 130 degrees Celsius. The trays come in various styles created by our Desenio Design Studio and other famous artists. Find the art you love on our trays!


All the raw materials are sourced within Europe with FSC®-certified materials. Forest Stewardship Council® is an international membership organization that works for responsible forestry with consideration for both the environment and people.