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Hallway inspiration

Adorn your hallway walls with art that communicates who you are. Decorate the hallway with a matching pair of prints or an attractive collage - find inspiration at Desenio. Found your favorites? Click on the photo to buy!

Inspiration - hallway decor

The hallway is often about clever storage and practical solutions, but don’t forget that the hallway also provides the first impression when someone steps through the door - make sure your guests are greeted by cozy hallway decor that communicates who lives there. Read on for decor tips for the hallway - we hope you feel inspired.

One of our best tips is to use your storage furniture to place the art on - the perfect way to avoid drilling holes in your walls! Place your prints on a console or a bench leaned against the wall, and design a chic centerpiece around the art. This way, you can easily vary your hallway decor and change out according to taste and seasons! If you prefer to hang your art, building a modern gallery wall that fits both small and large hallway walls is a good option.